Spellbinding Dubai

Dubai has nothing but the best to offer for a perfect vacation. The sky scrapers, the beaches, the islands, the creek, the dunes,the malls, the adventures together make it exceptionally amazing place to visit. This blog is all about my trip to dubai.

First things first, the best time to visit is winter. November to April as the geographical locational makes Dubai too hot to handle during summer. Next is paking according to the warm weather. So girls flaunt your summer wardrobe, the sassy flip flops, pretty hats & glamorous pair of sunglasses. There are dress codes like dresses below the knee & covered shoulders at some places as respect to their culture. So it’s best to carry a scarf all along to use in times of need.

They say Dubai is growing everyday so there are so many places to visit even a month holiday would feel short. So let’s prioritise the places which you must visit on your holiday. The mighty Burj-khalifa, Dubai mall, the fountains, Dubai frame, Miracle garden, Global village, Atlantis hotel, the palm islands, the beaches, Al-seef old dubai, grand souk, gold souk, Marina walk, blue waters, Safari.

My first day was the visit to Dubai creek which is the major part of Dubai’s history. It’s here the Bani yas tribe settled first. They built a civilization in the 19th century which gave rise to the Al-Maktoum dynasty in the city. The Diera clock tower is a massive structure standing between the Maktoum bridge & offers a glimpse of Dubai’s history. Then was the visit to Dubai frame. 150 feet tall building made of 18 carat gold plating gives you the bird’s-eye view of old & new Dubai. The Frame has a museum which shows how Dubai has developed over last 50 years & how it will be in the next 50 years. It has a glass top to walk on which fills you with the trill you expected on your trip. To end our day we visited the Dubai garden glow & felt mesmerised by the beauty of lights & nature amalgamation.

Another day started with the visit to Al-seef & social media popular starbucks’ frappe. Its old school dubai structures & must visit place for the tourists. Then we went to The Pointe mall which gives the pleasant views of the Atlantis. The place has a lots to offer in entertainment, food, views. At the Atlantis is The lost chambers aquarium which is a world of magic waiting to be explored. It is home to almost 65000 marine species. As we enjoyed looking to the skies above we were as thrilled to look down into the ocean. It was magical & serene. The evening we visited the grand souk which was traditionally decorated & was filled with souvenirs. We did quite some shopping with our bargains skills saved some dhirams as well. Dinner was at an indian restaurant at the creek side with views of Dhow boats.

Then we visited the gold souk which had our jaws dropped by the designs & amount of gold at a market which doesn’t look so secure. We looked around, enjoying the sparkling jewels. We had our perfumes customised, little arabic arts done right & savoured some good food. Then the evening was booked for a trip to the dunes. The sunset made us calm, sit back & relax while the safari gave us chills. Followed by the eye catching dances & fire show which is a must do while in Dubai. The dinner added to the arabian charm & left a lasting impact on our holiday.

Next day was for miracles. Yeah when you visit the Miracle garden you say “indeed it’s a Miracle to have billions of fresh flowers in the middle of a desert”. The flower structures make it one of the most sensational places to see in the world. My baby felt the happiest here, he was dancing & waving & leaning on to the characters. The flower swings were no less than in any fairy tale. Later that day we went for shopping & more.

Started our day on a low key because we had the tallest building in the world on our itinerary that day. I stood at it’s feet & gazed in awe at the 830 meters of smooth,shining glass structure ‘The mighty Burj-khalifa‘ rise up before me. No denying that the Dubai skyline is impressive but the burj khalifa rises above them all, standing sentinel, watching the vibrant city beneath it. The lift elevates 10 metres per second & in a jiffy you are at the 125th floor. The observation decks built around it to provide panoramic views of the city. For a moment my heart skipped a beat when it felt like walking above the clouds. The day ended with astonishing fountain show with music & lights. Last but not the least eat your heart out at the world’s largest mall, The Dubai Mall.

While you are in Dubai don’t forget to visit the sophisticated Dubai marina. The man made canal city stretch 3 km is 1 stop destination for breathtaking scenery & unparalleled luxury. It has a number of attractions like yacht ride, adventure sports, camel ride, marina walk, marina mall, wide range of clubs & restaurants. The cruise dinner on the yacht or dhows also makes the trip memorable.

This was a long awaited vacation as i have always been fascinated by Dubai. I was sure to applaud the historic souks, arab food, arab culture, the adventures, what i didn’t see coming was how much i would adore the cityscape of bright, shiny, modern & stunning skyscrapers of Dubai. So put it on your bucket list & check it off soon. This is Gunjan signing off. Love & Peace ✌

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