Money Heist Aha! Moments & lessons learned.

Full of action, mindboggling plot, unforeseeable script, flawless acting, powerful direction, cinematography, packed with adrenaline rush, heart thumping, nail-biting experiences this Netflix series has no wonder become the most watched series amid the lockdown. A story about few desperados willing to make their own money but without casualties, the amazingly classic plot has hooked the audience first in Spain then worldwide. Money Heist has won hearts.

My interest in web series has developed over past few years. I have to admit that i got totally captivated by Sergio Marquina, the Professor. What a genius character. While watching the show i was so enthralled that i was living in the Royal Mint of Spain with them having a Dali mask of my own. By relating to the organisation & watching them carry out the heist i figured some lessons that could be grasped from the popular show despite it being about a robbery. Here they are.

Always think ahead. Plan every situation & think well in front of multitude of potential moves.The professor visioned every possible scenario, both positive and negative. Most importantly, he apprised and trained people to handle grave situations and manage the unpredictable ones.

To have the option to change the framework you have to get inside the framework. Professor created every possible scenario in his head. He did this by a thorough research and by sometimes going to that place where the heist was supposed to take place and sniffed every important person out there. He did not leave a single detail related to the bank. For a smoother execution, it was a sheer research and attention to details.

All rules are not meant to be broken. Having fun & living in the moment is ok upto a certain point. The message was clear that the objective is more important than the individuals. There was no ambiguity, and people were mentally ready about it.

Stay calm in every situation. The art of staying cool & composed is something to imbibe in ourselves by the brain of the show aka professor. He shows that losing one’s mind at a tricky point will only make things worse. He said its all part of the plan. This way, he has comforted all the gang members and prepared for all the losses and failures.

Work in teams & connect with a cause. Rewards & mission ought to be more noteworthy than own destination. Bigger the prize, bigger the reason, further the feelings, better the group. There ought to be something everybody in the team is spurred about.

Fight till your last breath. Many of us fear losing so much that we don’t even bother trying. But life is about fighting till your last breath. Even if ypu have hit the rock bottom, you always have the chance to turn the tables till you’re breathing.

Enjoy the shows & don’t forget to read between the lines. This is Gunjan signing off. Love & Peace ✌

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