Maldives- Island days Island ways.

A beautiful archipelago of tiny coral islands in the mighty Indian Ocean. Maldives is an islamic country with its distinct culture, own language ‘Dhivehi’, its currency ‘maldivian rufiyaa’. The capital city Malé is known for its mosques & colourful buildings.Well, I’ll share my experience here but actually the spectacular beauty of Maldives can not be understood until you are there in person.My visit to Maldives has given me memories of a lifetime. I enjoyed myself so much so that i could not resist my second visit. Anyway lets get into the details of my shopping, outfits, travel, stay, food & more.

The tropical location gets your bohemian loose outfits on the move. Certainly choose linen, cotton & rayon. No other material will let your skin breathe. Also the soft flowing fabrics will enhance the feminine look we all desire at the beach. As for colours i chose pastels & whites. Its too hot for jewellery but you may carry bracelets to compliment your outfits.The holiday is all about being lazy so feel free to pack whatever makes you comfortable yet graceful. Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, flip flops, swimsuit, maxi dresses, kaftan & coverups are a must have.

Getting to Velena International Airport takes about 4 hours from Delhi. My excitement made my time fly & i felt as if i was there in no time. From there you may book a sea plane, a speed boat or a ferry to your resort. Take your pick.

I visited St. Regis Maldives. Let me tell you, the grandeur began the moment I stepped out the airport. A Limousine awaits to take you to the lounge area for seaplane transfer by TMA. Sometimes you could be lucky enough to get the only Bentley in maldives. Then the 40 minute seaplane flying southwest of malé fills your eyes with breathtaking views of turquoise waters, huge lagoons, pearl white sands & more. Upon arrival we were presented fresh coconut water & eucalyptus scented towels. The aroma took away all the jetlag & filled me with energy.

The villas are different in setup like garden villa, overwater villa & the John Jacob Aster. They offer almost all the upscale amenities possible from fully controlled systems by an ipad to overwater nets to plunge pool & more.The view of sugar white sand & cerulean sky is something you can gaze at for hours. The bathrooms are perfect to forget all your worries & sink in the bathtub with a view. There are bicycles provided for a troll at jetty. Well when it comes to luxury settings by Marriott words & adjectives fall short to describe them.

The blue hole

The Spa Iridium is located over water with various treatment rooms. Having visited a decent number of spa in my life i have to say it was the best in facilities. The Hydrotherapy pool named The Blue Hole is claimed to relax you from everything from muscle pains to jetlag. I must say the most amazing 2 hours of my stay there.

Alba restaurant.
Pic curtesy: Deepak Kumar

The Food & Beverage department has a wonderful service which gained my special attention. The resort has 6 restaurants to offer best in class cuisine. To my ill fortune i could not make it to the decanter dinner as it was reserved nor i could try out the cargo cafe due to rain. But when i got a chance to communicate with a beautiful couple who dined at the decanter they were boastful about it. My first meal was lunch was at Crust, the pizza shack on the beach.The pizza was so good i could go on & on & on. Then for dinner my husband made reservations for the Orientale. It has 3 kitchens Indian, Chinese, Japanese. It offered 3 courses for dinner. Amuse bouche to begin with was very delicate tuna tartare, followed by lobster dimsums with tobiko , chicken noodles for main course. It was a super fine experience.

But wait till its morning & you get to the lavish breakfast buffet at Alba. The hefty spread of everything one could ever imagine for breakfast. There were health shots to welcome you. The chef provided us with most amazing cheese omelette i have ever had. The cinnamon cake with maple syrup was to die for.

The mandatory martini at aptly named Whale Bar. This place was not just to satisfy my taste buds. It was more of satisfying my soul which craves for beautiful sunsets. Calm music, ocean wave sounds, mild breeze, martini, local dried tuna chips & my better half. I could not ask for more.

Judge me if you want to but to be true I’m not just writing but dreaming about the mouth watering food fare. The time spent here was a dream come true. Nothing was rushed, everything was available, memories were being made, body was getting tanned, smiles were getting contagious. It got tough to return from paradise.

Mövenpick the resort i got to visit for my 2nd holiday in the Maldives. As their tag line says ‘we make moments’ they really stood upto it. Some of my childhood memories came rushing back. Not much can be said about this place but awesome.

The resort lies in the Noonu atoll which is north of Malé. A sea plane ride gives you immensely eye-catching views of the tropical islands. I have written enough about the beauty of The Maldives. While writing about Mövenpick mostly i will share the little stories created.

Onü Marché restaurant

The food was sumptuous & elegantly presented at the Bodumas restaurant. The other one named Onu Marché had tasteful oriental & local cuisine. Even the kids menu was great. The dinner was best served at Latitude 5.5 named on the location of it. The live playing guitar artist added so much more to the aura of the place. Then my favourite place on the island was wine & coffee lounge The Cafe. It had this perfect blue & white view which made your not so sweet coffee sweet. The light music filled my heart with gratitude. Being there felt like i owe this place something special. & yes you can not miss the complimentary chocolate hour when one of the world’s finest chocolate is on your plate & won’t cost you a dime.

Hat from the boutique

The island was small & i could walk to cover it in 15-20 minutes. I don’t remember how many times a day i just put in my earphones & kept walking around. The lush greens calmed my eyes, soft white sands made me carry my flip flops in hand, the fresh breeze detoxified my body, ahhh i wish i had not come back. Another favourite spot was the swing placed right at the edge of the jetty. Sitting there doing nothing, was a yoga kind of thing for mind. I could sit there all day,staring into the blank, thinking absolutely nothing & just being.

At the dive centre.

Vivid activities are available at the resort. you can go cycling, swimming, spa sessions, yoga, gym, kids play zone, diving centre.The Mövenpick Boutique had so many beautiful stones & sheer feminine dresses to fall in love with. I bought a few accessories which I can’t get over. At the library cum art centre i got to attend a session by Christopher Hogan the marine abstract artist. It was fantastic. For the first time in my life i did snorkelling. I could not breathe underwater initially but soon i learned the trick & grabbed a fair share of the marine views. One day my husband took the speed boat & we sailed into the stunning vistas of Indian Ocean. They were the moments i cherish every now & then.

One night I happened to be at the staff bar which had an ambience of its own. The well lit bar, outdoor seating, someone singing melodies in dhivehi, sweet & sour smells of finger food, laughter & smiles every where. A local staff member was talking to me & told me that in old times that island was rumoured to be occupied by a baby boy ghost & still there are people who are scared of the fact. His stories were fun though some real some made up. It was an amazing experience to get to know the other side of the luxury island resort.

So that was my holiday which no doubt has lasting impressions on my way of travel. Hope you enjoyed reading. This is Gunjan signing off. Love & peace ✌🏼

You look interested.

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on”-Louis L’amour. I’ve been asking a lot of questions to myself lately. Can i do this? How do I begin? Is introductory blog really important? What would interest people in my writing? Should I choose a niche first? Blah! Blah! The quote made me pen down the ever multiplying thoughts. Though it didn’t calm me down but sure i came up with my first blog post.

Hello! Blogging world. I feel honoured to share the platform with some really famous people out there. Acknowledging that you were one day in my shoes inspires me enough.

My name is Gunjan, born in September, went to boarding school MNSS Rai, have played national level gymnastics. Being interested in glorious past of the nation i did graduation & post graduation in History from The university of delhi. Took a diploma in Animation as a hobby. I have worked as a teacher, freelancer in animation field. Happily occupied as a wife & mother.

So, why read my blog! Whats there to be interested in it! Well here are a few things that you could expect to look forward to, especially the unusual outlook for the usual stuff.

The thirst for travel has made me visit beautiful cities in India & abroad. The love for food makes me cook & bake. To keep my home decor quirky i keep exploring markets. I keep learning about elegant lifestyles. Indian festivities fill me with joy. As a new mom i feel enthusiastic about finding truth to myths related with my little baby. Being in a distance relationship makes me sad to the bone but i look beyond my feelings & be happy. I am a fan of family culture & can tell you there is more positive about it than the other way round. Last but not the least my lockdown stories. My blog would interest you if you want to read about my experiences, ideas, struggles, mistakes & more. I assure you it would make us evolve together. After all we should learn from others mistakes as life is too short to commit them all by yourself.

This is Gunjan signing off. Love & Peace ✌🏼

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